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The intellectual property attorneys of DeLeon Law Group PC combine expertise, flexibility and a focus on client service to successfully meet the needs of our clients: high-tech companies, patent holders, entrepreneurs and parties to complex patent litigation. To learn how our approach to intellectual property, commercial litigation and corporate litigation can benefit your business, please contact one of our attorneys.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Interests

Our main objective is to realize and protect the full value of your Intellectual Property assets. Whether you need help with pursuing a path of proactive patent enforcement or advice about the best way to respond to a notice of patent infringement, we can discuss your options and protect your interests.

Technology and Litigation

Litigation plays a significant role in both enforcing patent rights and in defending our clients from a claim of infringement. We specialize in the legal aspects of brand management helping companies, and individuals, develop trademark policies, clearing their marks for use, registering those marks here in the U.S. and abroad, assessing infringement risks and defending them against allegations of infringement. We also assist with patent strategies for start-up companies and negotiate licensing and other related intellectual property agreements.

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